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Retailer Spotlight: Baskets By Basket Case

Retailer Spotlight: Baskets By Basket Case

EATABLE has always believed that the little things can bring as much joy as the big things, the same way a tiny kernel can bring so much joy to someone once it’s popped!

Popcorn metaphors aside, we want to shine the spotlight on a #bosslady whose business is dedicated to finding the perfect gift a lot easier, and that’s Baskets By Basket Case! This gifting company dedicated to putting together personal and meaningful gift boxes that include custom products that are new and exciting.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Marie Locke, the founder of this gifting company, to learn about her journey and what drives her!


Marie, what can you tell us about yourself and the inspiration for your business?

Before I started my own business, I was a full-time stay at home mom of two messy, fun, awesome boys.  Now I work from home, so I guess you can say I am still a stay at home mom who now has more duties and loving every minute of it. 

I was inspired to start a gifting company because I kept hearing people say that they didn’t know what to get their loved one for their birthday/holiday.  I also heard people say “so and so forgot our anniversary/birthday”.  I know that people’s lives are so busy and not every person or business owner has time to shop, so they end up giving meaningless gifts or none at all.

I wanted to provide people with options and convenience and still be able to give a meaningful gift.  Baskets By Basket Case caters to this problem and helps people give what they are searching for.

I really put my heart and soul into finding new and exciting products to offer my customers.  Gifting is definitely my passion and my heart is happy knowing that I am able to wake up every day and do what I do. It’s my dream come true!


What advice would you offer entrepreneurs starting out?

If you’re starting your own business, the advice I would give you is to celebrate the small stuff.  What might not matter to others can really matter to you.  All the behind-the-scenes stuff can get hard and overwhelming at times but it’s definitely a victory when you push through and get it done!


What does success mean to you?

Success is different for everyone, but for me, it is being able to continue to love what I do.  Loving what I do and making myself and others happy while doing it is success! Balancing home, life, and money are key factors but if you don't like what you do, chances are you’re not going to give it your all. It’s when you give your all that you usually succeed! 


In moments of adversity or self-doubt, how do you stay on track and motivated?

Whenever I have self-doubt, I talk about it with my husband.  Sometimes just having him to talk it through makes it a little easier to process my thoughts and figure out what I need to do next.  He always reminds me that it takes time to grow a business in the right direction.  I feel that this is definitely true.  To stay motivated I look back at the growth in my company from the beginning to current and there is a big difference.  Time = Growth!



Where can we find you?

Baskets By Basket Case is located in Cherry Grove, Alberta (Near Cold Lake, AB).  You can find us on our website at, on Facebook, and on Instagram


If giving meaningful gifts for loved ones is something that pops your kernel, you’ll want to peruse Baskets By Basket Case for the perfect bundle of joy that not only inspire you to share love, but also to get a grasp of how much love really goes into this #bosslady business!



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