How 3 Influential Moms Celebrate Everyday Wins

EATABLE aims to celebrate your wins, big or small.

This Mother’s Day, we're shedding light on the ladies in our lives who do so much to make these wins possible - Those individuals are our mothers.

Charlene Li, co-founder of Eatable, can tell you all about the drive and wisdom that motherhood brings. “Motherhood has taught me so many lessons about running a business as a leader who respects strong family values, and celebrating life’s everyday milestones – that’s always going to be at the heart of our business!”

We reached out to three influential women, who are fans of EATABLE and our mission of celebrating everyday wins. We asked them about what they’ve learned, and how motherhood has changed them both personally and professionally.


Lisa Canning

@lisacanning - Author, TV personality, Interior design and lifestyle expert

via @lisacanning on Instagram

You might recognize Lisa from Marriage Under Construction, Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers, or the Marilyn Denis Show. Lisa is also runs a growing design business and manages life with seven children. Yes, you read that right.

Mother’s Day is a great reminder of how much mothers truly do behind the scenes. “Taking care of a child is an accomplishment,” Lisa reminds us, “Sure, it might feel like a lot of days go by where your biggest accomplishment is taking a shower, but feel encouraged. Keeping a child alive is a massive accomplishment! And while not everyone sees all the diapers you change, or the messes you clean up, the small people who need you most will notice. Your work matters.”

One thing Lisa also realized is that life wasn’t just about her anymore. “Before becoming a mom, I had really big challenges with letting go of control. While I still struggle with this, I find that children by their nature (especially toddlers!) really encourage us as moms to grow.”

Pageant queen and super mom, Sierra Bearchell, wholeheartedly agrees. 


Siera Bearchell

@sierabearchell - Body activist, motivational speaker and law graduate. 

Law student, volunteer, activist, and Miss Universe Canada 2016. Sierra has spoken to crowds of 16,000 at WE Day, built a school in Kenya, and received awards like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Red Cross Young Humanitarian Award, and the Peter Mansbridge Youth Leadership Award.

What she has taken away from motherhood is something we should all remember: the bigger picture.

“Motherhood has taught me to let go of what is beyond my control.  Let go of what others think.  Let go of negativity… There are times I have to let laundry sit, leave dishes in the sink, allow a few dust bunnies to collect in the living room- but that's okay! I have learned to let some of these things go while chasing my business goals and being there for my daughter.”

Sierra also advises to focus on the positives. “Take one day at a time and focus on the highlights. It's much easier to focus and dwell on the hard times. The positives in each day keep us going.”

Another fashionista Mama has a different take on advice that many moms would 100% relate to.


Kaylee Giffin-Logan

@theblondielocks - Editor & Content Creator behind the popular lifestyle blog The Blondielocks.

via @theblondielocks on Instagram

Kaylee Giffin-Logan is the editor behind the popular lifestyle blog The Blondielocks, writing about fashion, food, home décor, and lifestyle. Most recently, though, Kaylee has taken on her most rewarding—and challenging—role yet: becoming a new mom.

“When you become a parent, advice gets thrown at you from each and every direction” Kaylee informs us, “take that advice with a grain of salt, as only you know what is best for your baby.”

Kaylee does give one nugget of wisdom that sticks, advice that Eatable founder Charlene Li stands behind.

“Soak in every moment with your newborn/baby, as it’s so fleeting,” Kaylee advises, “Let them sleep on you, other pressing obligations can wait.”

“I'm trying to soak up all the time left I have with my preschooler this summer before he's off to Kindergarten!” Charlene also adds.

“Being a mom has completely changed me as a person,” Kaylee continues, “I find myself a lot more patient and selfless, my baby comes first and foremost. I’m so much more emotional and cry at just about anything, happy or sad.”

There’s no shame in feeling all the feels when you become a mother – it’s a long and rewarding experience, and it’s the most important job in the world. We here at Eatable recognize the hard work mothers invest in their families, and we don’t want this to go unnoticed.


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Happy Mother’s Day!



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