30+ Indoor Activity Ideas for yourself, date nights, or fun times with someone special.

2021… The pandemic definitely prolonged into our New Years for slightly longer than expected. 

It is safe to say that many of us are missing our partners, friends, family, and perhaps the type of lifestyles we were once accustomed to having before it all began. With restrictions, social distancing, and lockdown measures in place, many of whom have also reported an increased feeling of loneliness since the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic. Under the current climate, social distancing is no doubt a way to keep yourself and those around you healthy and safe. 


But don’t let social distancing stop you from showing you care.

Even though we may be physically separated from our loved ones and our community, there are yet plenty of ways for us to connect with one another right from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

We’ve handpicked some thoughtful ways and fun virtual activities, so you too, can connect with the people you genuinely care about, regularly during the pandemic season.


33 Pandemic Activity Ideas for yourself or when you want to show affection to someone special.

Things to physically/virtually do indoors:

Maybe we can find a bit of fun while we spend our time indoors. Here are 13 things you can physically or virtually do while staying indoor. 

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Redecorate your home

Pick a corner to showcase your favourite plants or design pieces or make a plan to redecorate your home and living spaces for a fresh start in 2021. Make it seasonal, start small, and you will be surprised how refreshing a new view can be. 


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Give each other a virtual room tour 

Haven’t seen a friend for a while? Why not jump onto a virtual zoom call and give each other an update? While you’re at it, maybe you can even walk them through your home decoration plans and give each other a virtual room tour.


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Create a shared Spotify playlist 

Creating a shared Spotify playlist can be a great way to bring back some road trip memories and get a few great new tracks into your music collection. Now you can put the new jams in the background while you work or study or go through your daily chores.


Pops and Puzzles Gift Set

Pick up a popcorn and puzzle set.

This fun, laid back Pops & Puzzles gift set includes everything you need for a cozy evening at home curled up with your fave Champagne-infused white chocolate popcorn, soothing scent, and a beautiful puzzle to help you savor your downtime on your own or with someone special!

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 Get a buddy to take an online fitness class together.

Shed the quarantine pounds before the summer days come around! Research and RSVP on new group fitness classes with a buddy or two virtually and get that really great burn at home. You can even record the process and laugh about it in your next catch-up session.


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Send a bulb or seed starter kit (planting)

Or maybe you are interested in growing something in your balcony or garden. How about researching seed starter kits and sending that to your plant loving friends too? 


Virtual escape room: Escape from Quarantine?

You can also become a hero and participate in secret missions with your group of friends to rescue a doctor kidnapped for his vaccine. We love virtual escape room but find this to be especially meaningful during this period. Read on Narcity about the origin of the founding story here.


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Start a book club 

Perhaps you love reading, but never had the time to sit down and finish a book? Starting a book club with friends in your community might keep you accountable. You can bring along your favourite wine and snacks to your virtual meetups once a month and share your favourite things about the book you’re reading. Or the most ridiculous things you find there, either way these are great conversation starters!


Take a virtual mixology class 

We all love happy hours, and with the right amount of training, we might just be able to recreate some of our favourite drinks at your virtual happy hours, right in the comfort of our own home. Our friend (Mixologist Raiemu @turtle.cocktails) created this lovely Caramel Apple Cider Whisky recipe from scratch, and we think you’re going to love it!


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DIY matching outfits

Organizing your space usually involves cleaning up your closet, and maybe that’s when you find old pieces of clothing hanging around. If you don’t know what you should do with the old clothing, you can try recreating your own pair of distressed denim jeans, or tie dye hoodies or shirts. If you end up loving the end products, maybe consider recreating extra ones for your family or friends!


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Trivia Nights!

Just maybe you don’t really like DIY projects, how about a get together with friends and dive into the never-ending rounds of trivia games? You cannot prepare your answers from beforehand since this random trivia generator gives out a broad range of random questions each time you visit, perfect for those who love a good challenge.


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Have a virtual meal together, either homemade or delivery

Cook, or pick your favourite dish at your favourite restaurant and have that ordered for someone for a nice night-in dinner catchup session. Talk about how they like what’s been picked out for them! (Okay, but you might also need to be cautious with picky eaters!)


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Send each other virtual DIY meal kit

Ever heard of DIY meal kits from before? Since the pandemic first started, meal kits have become insanely popular and the next hot thing to try out for many. If you or your friends are food fanatics, you can hop onto the trend and taste test some of the most popular Canadian meal delivery kits here.


Find new recipes to make… and make a fun mess in the kitchen!

There are two best parts when you cook a new recipe: (1) the fun and messy process of making the food and (2) the end product, duh! Over the years, we’ve collected quite a lot of delicious recipes (Popcorn-Crusted Shrimp Tacos, themed charcuterie board, and many more to come), and maybe you’ll find a few good ones to try out, and end up loving as well. 


Things to do physically/virtually for Date Night:

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Lacking some ideas on what to do for Valentine’s day? Don’t stress out! We’ve compiled another list of things you can do physically or virtually with your loved one for the special occasion.



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Watch a movie together 

Alright, you want to watch a movie for Valentine’s day, but you don’t really know what to pick. Before Netflix comes up with their own version of a shuffle buttons, you can most definitely try out random movie generator like this one to give you new ideas on what to pick. Or go classic, pick your all-time favourite.


Handpick a pampering package

Specialized gifts are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Why not make any occasions extra special by handpicking a pampering package for your loved ones? You can throw in their favourite beverage (tea, coffee, wine, energy drinks etc.), really good snacks, bath supplies, books, handwritten notes, and little things that’d spark an extra smile on their faces. 


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Send a loving text about your favourite memories with your loved one

Perhaps you don’t get to see your partner in person this year for Valentine’s day. While waiting for your V-day surprise to arrive at their doorstep, take a moment to write a long and thoughtful text about your favourite memories with them, and tell them how much you appreciate their presence. Need some last-minute gift ideas? We got you.

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Create a certificate for a future date together 

We miss traveling. We miss dining at our favourite restaurant in town. We miss concerts and festivals. While we cannot do them this year, why don’t we jot down all the fun things we want to do in the future on a piece of paper and have it served as a timeless certificate for a future date together.


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Attempt to write a romantic poem 

Or… go old school with handwritten notes! Surprise your loved one with a romantic poem attempt and laugh about the process afterwards.


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Virtual museum tour 

Maybe you are both art lovers who miss museum tours. In that case, here are 12 world-class museums you can visit virtually.


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More virtual zoos, aquariums, theme parks tour

Now you’ve seen them all, “I already visited all the museums in 2020, do you have any other suggestions?” How about virtual tours on zoos, aquariums, and theme parks


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Virtual events 

Perhaps you and your partner are really missing the community aspect of things. Try attending your local stand-up comedies and live story events, virtually! 


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Ace a dance challenge 

Not a dancer? No problem because that gives you more reason to ace a dance challenge with your partner! Plus, it is also an incredibly good bonding time while you get your daily workout in. Try pick out a fun or silly dance routine on TikTok or social media, learn and record your progress along the way. Laugh and feel PROUD about it!


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Set up a waffle or pancake bar

Plan a romantic dinner, breakfast, or brunch for two…or for more if you have children around the house. Add in that perfect crunch from the EATABLE Pop The Champagne popcorn to make it extra fancy and memorable.


Make a themed charcuterie board 

You love sweet treats, but also love savoury food. How about building your very own themed charcuterie board? Gather your favourite food items and serve with some homemade alcoholic beverages for two.


Things to do when you want Me Time

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Alone time is also extremely important. Maybe this is your day where you want to pamper yourself and get some quality Me Time. Here are some more ideas on what you can do to keep yourself entertained throughout your day:

    • Write letters & practice writing fancy with calligraphy 
    • Decorate your home according to the holidays
    • Get on that hobby you’ve always wanted to learn & take classes 
    • Sit down and create hand-made cards 
    • Go on a “Fakecation” – yes, that’s a thing.
    • Get organized and create an ultimate bucket list Go old school again and create a photo book or album of your favourite memories


Miss the outdoors?

If the weather permits, go on the walk to enjoy the sun, or invite a close friend or small group within your inner circle to have an outdoor picnic while being six feet apart! Bring along your favourite snacks and maybe a bottle of small wine. If you want delicious snacks that actually pop, we’d of course recommend our popping alcohol-infused gourmet popcorn series. 

You’ve already tried them out? Let us know how you like the experience and TAG us on IG @EATABLEINC!


Remember, we are all just one call away.

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Most importantly, do remember it is just one call away from reaching your loved ones if they happen to live far. Even if you live in the same household, remember to take the time and tell them you appreciate their presence. If you miss seeing or hearing from someone, we challenge you to pick up the phone or jump on an unplanned video chat today.


Simple reminder, with a damn good song: