5 Essentials for Your Summer Picnic

Summer is here, and she’s here to stay! There’s nothing like hitting the great outdoors with some loved ones and laying out a spread to enjoy and create new memories around, but how can you make your summer picnic into one you’ll truly never forget?

Here’s some pointers on what to bring to your next spread outside to make that checklist easy!

#1 The Main Dish

It may seem natural to bring the typical sandwiches cut in half to a picnic spread, but we got to ask Instagram and blogger extraordinaires Lauren (@theathleisureteacherand Jessie (@jessiexkuang) all their foodie dreams we could bring on along our next picnic!

Food and lifestyle blogger Jessie has a surprising favourite as inspo for her dream picnic: caramelized onion. 

“The one dish I think I can eat forever would be caramelized sauteed onions on rice,” says Jessie, “I know it sounds crazy but I’ve had a love affair with this dish for years.”

Lauren’s favorite isn’t too far off sandwiches, but it’s a great way for everyone to personalize their picnic meal.

“I think it would be tacos,” says Lauren, “I never get tired of them and they’re so versatile because you can do almost any protein and toppings!”


#2 Your Favourite Dessert

Don’t forget about your sweet tooth! Try to opt for something easy to handle and share to avoid any flying dessert mishaps. You can never go wrong with a tasty donut, homecooked cookies or alcohol-infused EATABLE popcorn!


#3 Fruit 

Fruit is not only a healthy snack – it indulges your sweet tooth like a donut does too! Orange slices, fresh berries, pressed juice – anything that’s in season will make the perfect finger food to indulge in while watching the sunset.


If you bring a watermelon, they make awesome weights for your picnic blanket to avoid the spread being upended by the breeze. You’ll want to bring a weight for your blanket anyway, so might as well make it a delicious one!


#4 Your Favorite Drink 

We here at EATABLE are passionate about pairing everything with our favorite drink, and of course, Jessie and Lauren can’t agree more! 

Lauren’s favorite drink is a classic margarita, and we agree that you can’t go wrong with this delightful recipe by Love and Lemons that she cited as her go-to!

Jessies’s drink of choice is her take on Bon Appetit’s Cava Sangria, which involves replacing the cava with champagne for a delectable Champagne Sangria! You can try modifying the original recipe with the alternative of Champagne! 


If these drinks aren’t a viable option for you, try going for an alcoholic alternative in the form of alcohol-infused popcorn - this brings us to the next and final tip… 


#5 Adding that Extra Pop

 The bff to your drink? EATABLE popcorn, of course! You can garnish your beverage with it, or just enjoy it alone for dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Jessie and Lauren enjoyed using EATABLE's Poppin' Peach Bellini flavour as both a perfect picnic snack and drink garnish!


Popcorn is sensitive to heat and moisture, so when serving popcorn outdoors, remember to keep it out of the sun and store it somewhere cool, like inside your chic little picnic basket.

Add that extra "oomf" to celebrate summer together with your loved ones, and bring together a picnic you (and your Instagram feed) will never forget.


What’s your twist on a summer picnic?

Let us know in the comments or post your photos to Instagram and tag us so we can see what you create! Cheers!



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