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Featured in LCBO's Food & Drink Magazine

We're so stoked to be featured in the 2020 Holiday Issue of LCBO Food & Drink Magazine as one of 4 sensational snacks that are made in Ontario!

5 Health Benefits of Solitude

In today's overly connected 24/7 society, it can be difficult to find quality time with your spouse, kids and friends — let alone yourself. Here are 5 benefits of "me"...

Foodism: EATABLE popcorn is the nibbly you need right now

Originally published on - October 11, 2019 By Taylor Newlands   Snack attack: Eatable popcorn is the nibbly you need right now This alcohol-infused popcorn (that’s right ALCOHOL-infused) is the...

5 Essentials for Your Summer Picnic

Summer is here! How can you make your summer picnic into one you’ll truly never forget? Here’s some pointers on what to bring to your next spread outside to make that...

Featured in Globe and Mail

Less than a year after they started selling their Eatable alcohol-infused popcorn in Canada, entrepreneurs Charlene and Vince Li decided it was time to give Americans a taste.